Learn-to-Read Storybooks Series 3 - all six readers in one set

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Get your set of the third lot of six SPCA readers for your classroom, or to give to family and friends.

Includes one copy each of:

  • CD and the Window Pain - Level: Silver (23 – 24), Reading Age: 8 ½ - 9yrs
    The children in Ms Piripi’s class have discovered their classroom’s windows are proving to be a severe hazard for their feathered friends. Worried that more birds will suffer this painful fate, the children decide to come up with some very innovative solutions for this terrible problem.
  • The Kākā Café - Level: Silver (23 – 24), Reading Age: 8 ½ - 9yrs
    After finding a kākā with a deformed beak related to consuming an unnatural and unbalanced diet. The children in Room 10 decided to design and create a school wildlife garden called the Kākā Café to provide wild birds living in their community a natural nutritious diet.
  • The Lizard Lounge - Level: Silver (23 – 24), Reading Age: 8 ½ - 9yrs
    A brother and sister unable to adopt a companion animal, decide instead to be the guardians of a small creature they suspect is living in their backyard.
  • Gannets and Grommets - Level: Emerald (25 -26), Reading Age: 9yrs – 10yrs
    While spending the school holidays with his Pop, Josh experiences first-hand the consequences of people not disposing of their fishing equipment safely. While surfing, Josh encounters a gannet struggling in the surf, tangled in fishing line and a weight that he recognises as his own!
  • Batman and Robyn - Level: Ruby (27 – 28), Reading Age: 10yrs – 11yrs
    After learning about the conservation efforts at a fairy tern breeding site, Aroha ends up the hero in the exciting rescue of two precious fairy tern eggs.
  • Marine Life Matters - Level: Ruby (27 – 28), Reading Age: 10yrs – 11yrs
    Shocked after discovering one of the balloons she released on her 9th birthday, had contributed to the death of an endangered turtle, Briar is determined to do something positive for the environment.

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