Learn-to-Read Storybooks Series 4 - all six readers in one set

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Get your set of the forth lot of six SPCA readers for your classroom, or to give to family and friends.

Includes one copy each of:

  • A Catio for Boris Level: Sapphire (29-30), Reading Age: 11yrs - 12yrs
    Boris the cat lives with his elderly guardian Mr Midgen, who has no idea about the mischief that Boris gets up to. As far as Mr. Midgen is concerned Boris spends his days eating his cat biscuits and snoozing on the porch, and his evenings curled up on the end of his bed. However, the truth is, every time Mr Midgen is not paying attention Boris sneaks off and gets up to all sorts of mischief around the neighbourhood.
  • Fudge Forever Level: Silver (23 – 24), Reading Age: 8 ½ - 9yrs
    When Dad brought Fudge home she was very thin and pretty nervous of the world and everything and everyone in it. Fudge was about 6 months old, she was a small-medium sized mixed breed dog. Fudge had never lived inside a house, never been taken for walks, never seen dog toys, never had her own comfortable bed, and she had never had a family that loved and properly cared for her. With the help of twins Keysha and Brodie Fudge’s life is changed forever.
  • Fireworks Free - Level: Ruby (27 – 28), Reading Age: 10 - 11yrs
    After her horse is terrified and injured in a fireworks incident, along with many other animals in their town, Shiloh and her Room 10 friends begin to investigate and learn a lot about the negative impacts fireworks can have on animals and the environment. Motivated to make a change and improve the lives of animals in their community, Room 10 get to work planning an exciting animal friendly event, with no fireworks, to replace the next year’s Fireworks Night in their town.
  • Rupert, Purple Circles and the Bell - Level: Sapphire (29-30), Reading Age: 11yrs - 12yrs
    Rupert was Room Four’s goldfish. Rupert lived on his own in a small, glass bowl that consisted of a thin layer of pebbles and a broken action figure (which was not meant to be in there). Rupert had no company, no fish friends to interact with, no plants to nibble, nowhere to hide, and nothing to explore or enrich his days. Like so many goldfish, Rupert’s life was plagued by myths, which meant his welfare needs were not being met.
  • Silverbeet, Saturday and Sunday - Level: Ruby (27 – 28), Reading Age: 10 - 11yrs
    Saturday and Sunday were brothers. They lived with Bailey and her mum. Their first 6months were full of attention, toys to play with, yummy pellets, fresh hay, tasty grass and delicious crunchy vegetable treats, clean water, a sparkling clean hutch, their nails trimmed regularly, and their long coats brushed and combed daily. But, gradually everything began to change . . .
  • The Cat, the Car and the Tsunami - Level: Dark Green / Emerald (25 – 26), 9yrs – 10yrs
    Following a small earthquake, a family receives an alert for a tsunami warning. Things do not go as smoothly for them when they realise they are not prepared at all . . .

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